What to expect from your vehicle wrap.

Your vehicle wrap is a promotional product.

It is NOT a paint job.

Vehicle wraps consist of multiple overlapping panels of adhesive vinyl that are pulled, stretched, and worked over the contours of your vehicle, giving the visual impression that it has been shrink-wrapped. It will look good from the intended viewing distance of 10 feet or more. Upon closer inspection, you will see seams where the panels overlap. Each panel will be cut, trimmed, and manipulated to work around door handles, taillights, emblems (if you choose not to have them removed), bumpers, window openings, etc. In doing this, it is not uncommon that the vinyl could have small tears in it. The installers will do what they can to avoid the tears or patch these tears, but be aware that it can and often does happen.

As the panels are cut and trimmed when placed on the vehicles, it is often necessary and unavoidable to use a utility knife as a tool during the installation. Our certified installers take every precaution not to damage the painted surface by using very light pressure, cutting at an angle to the surface, and using multiple light pressure passes on the same cut line to affect the trimming. However, the possibility exists that light scratches to the paint could occur. And while we take precautions against this, it is an inherent risk in having a vehicle wrap installed on your car.

Our vehicle wraps are produced with the highest quality 3M vinyl and laminates available. The artwork is printed at a minimum of 400 dpi. Inside the intended viewing distances, it is sometimes possible to see slight pixelation in the print and sometimes a slight banding or striping effect occurs in solid colors. This is a normal printing condition caused by the passing of the printer heads over the vinyl.

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Window Film

The window film consists of vinyl that has thousands of small holes cut out so that you can see through it. It works very well and is easy to see through. However, the film becomes increasingly difficult to see through the more it is placed at an angle away from perpendicular to the line of sight. Unless stated otherwise, all our window film is laminated with an optically clear film that not only provides longer life to the window vinyl, it also provides increased safety by not allowing dirt and water to settle in the holes in the film – thus obscuring vision. When first installed, this clear laminate will have a mottled and cloudy appearance. This effect will fade in a couple of weeks as the film cures.

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